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What if you could access professional-grade cleaning products that are aromatherapeutic and safe for your family?

Our private label cleaning sprays are powerful, great-smelling and non-toxic for use in professional cleaning service. They are formulated by a ‘green chemist’ to be environmentally-friendly and hard-working.

After using these cleaning products to clean hundreds of beautiful South Bay homes, we came to believe in these cleaning products so much that we began to offer them for sale to the public.

When you purchase DREAM CLEAN cleaning products, you are supporting a small, local business in the Los Angeles community. In turn, DREAM CLEAN makes it easy for you to be clean and do good in your own home!

About DREAM CLEAN Cleaning Sprays

Our all-natural cleaning sprays have grime-busting power with refreshing scents that leave the room feeling beautiful after each use. Each of our cleaning sprays is scented with essential oils that complement the coconut-based formula.

DREAM CLEAN cleaning sprays are biodegradable and made from plant-based ingredients that leave no residue behind. That makes them ideal for counters, cook tops, metallic surfaces and tile – plus almost anything else you can imagine!

Keeping the formula simple is what avoids harsh fumes and toxic residue, and also allows us to provide incredible value to customers. Each of our multi-purpose cleaners comes in a 32 oz. bottle, so you’ll have plenty of cleaning power for all your home’s needs.

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