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From El Porto to the Riviera, the South Bay area of Los Angeles is home to many beachside residents. Apart from the obvious beauty of being so close to the ocean, one common household challenge is the sand.

Beach sand doesn’t just get tracked in on shoes and feet and become a nuisance on flooring. Though that certainly happens! Sand can also scratch and even wear away flooring material if your cleaners aren’t careful.

Similarly, homes near Manhattan Beach and throughout the South Bay tend to have very hard, mineral-rich water. Aside from challenges for showers and drinking, hard water mixed with cleaning chemicals can actually etch glass!

With large, beachfront homes that often have windows spanning most of the ocean-facing walls, that’s a serious no-no. Who wants to ruin that Pacific Ocean view?

And yet, we see it more often than anyone would like.

Not with DREAM CLEAN. We use distilled water and specialized cleaning agents for glass and mirrors to avoid this entirely. It’s important to note that large family homes may require more frequent cleaning service in order to recover from and prevent hard water stains and damage.

Specialized Cleaning for 90266 Area Homes

Homes around Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach often have beautiful natural stone surfaces such as marble countertops.

Many typical cleaning agents companies use can actually damage marble. It’s not always noticeable the first clean, but over the course of repeated cleanings they can cause discolorations and actually damage the marble’s strength.

This is another advantage of our all-natural cleaning products, since they are naturally safe and proven effective. They compromise nothing in terms of cleaning power, but use coconut-derived surfactants to clean naturally.

Tall cathedral ceilings are also common in Beach City homes, but many cleaners won’t touch them. The result is that dust, cobwebs and other particles accumulate. Yuck!

DREAM CLEAN comes prepared with step stools and telescoping dust wands to reach high, inconvenient surfaces.

Beach houses with sunny windows left open can allow airborne bacteria to blow in. One bacteria is S. marcescens which causes a pinkish slime to build up anywhere there’s sitting water. The tendency is to simply wipe it away and think that’s it.

However, the affected area is not actually clean nor hygienic yet. This bacteria can be toxic to people and pets, and must be fully eliminated by scrubbed away and disinfected to prevent it from returning and/or staining the affected grout and stone.

This level of detail and expertise is a differentiator among cleaning companies, and a way DREAM CLEAN strives to think of everything so that our customers don’t have to.

Beautiful Marble Countertop

Cleaning Multi-Home Families Count On

When you’re the one with the beach house, it’s natural that others will want to come and stay in your home.

DREAM CLEAN is flexible and easy to schedule in this scenario. We can come between visits with family and friends to keep your home safe and looking sharp for each new visitor. 

This add-on service is perfect for the homeowner with multiple homes, or for snowbirds who may not visit their beach home regularly each month. 

Whether you leave a key or use your Ring, there’s no need for you to worry about being around to let us in. With a cleaning team you can trust, you have peace of mind that everything is handled and your home will be beautiful next time you arrive!

Home Office Cleaning Done Right

Cleaning For Home Offices

As a small business ourselves, we certainly understand the challenges of the modern work-from-home scenario so common these days.

It can be tough if you used to work in an office setting where cleaning services were provided. You likely got used to coming into work each day having had your trash emptied, your desk sanitized and your keyboard wiped down. When all of that is suddenly on you, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

That’s where we come in, not only cleaning home office and reception areas, but working around our WFH clients’ schedules.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Christina Taylor
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Very thorough cleaning, friendly staff and easy scheduling. A dream service!!
Nazila Mah
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I am supper picky when it comes to someone coming into my space and doing my cleaning. But let me tell you, DREAM CLEAN makes it so easy for me to let go of all that. First of all, they welcome you to communicate with them about how you like your cleaning done. They WANT TO KNOW if they did their work the way YOU would want it done. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!! If you have pets,, young children, you would most likely not want chemicals on your floors and furniture,, and the fact that their cleaning agents are non toxic makes it even better. I have been with them since they started their business both for my work and home and the experience gets better and better. Like they REALLY get how I like my space cleaned. I am so happy and highly recommend them.
Kyra Waldron
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I am very happy w/ Dream Clean. I have used many cleaning services over the years and Dream Clean is the best. They are professional, use environmentally safe products and do a great job.
Morad N.
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So I'm always hesitant to ask for help for someone to come to MY SPACE. usually when someone comes to help clean, either they break something or misplace my stuff. AND I'm very particular about not killing the insects in my place when someone is there to clean. So I AM PRETTY PICKY! AND IF I LIKE THE TEAM AT DREAM CLEAN, IM SURE YOU WILL LOVE THEM! the staff were very professional. Drama free, just did their job fast and efficient, and even though it was my first time with them, they paid very particular attention to my sensitive details that I'm particular about. I've been telling everyone about them. I REALLY like to support businesses that TRULY care about their staff. I already signed up with them for ongoing regular cleaning on the schedule. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
A S.
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Excellent service and great value! First, the crew - we've tried other services and it's always been a hit or miss - these guys are always on time, courteous, respectful of your privacy if you're in the house when they're cleaning, and ALWAYS wear masks! Getting the same crew every time is important to us, since the sense of trust just has to be there. The crew is always on time (you get a reminder the night before, in the event you wanna reschedule) and leave when promised. Second, the service - the house is spotless every time, organized (my daughters bed always has a cute toy arrangement when they're done) and smells fresh. Which brings me to the third point - the products. We are super sensitive to chemicals and scents, but their product cleans all surfaces really well, while avoiding breathing noxious fumes. If you ask, they offer branded sprays and cleaners for sale.
IRise M.
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The Dream Clean team is fantastic! They showed up on time, did a quick walk-thru and got right to work. Lauren was very thorough and communicative from start to finish. She made sure I was satisfied with the service. I will be scheduling regular service with Dream Clean to take care of my home cleaning needs. It's one less thing I have to worry about!
Erica S.
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Lauren Blair, the owner of Dream Clean, is amazing. She's thorough, honest, fair and a pleasure to work with. The house was cleaned deeply and quickly. Will definitely use Dream Clean again!

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